The worldwide success of POTEMA® is easy to explain.

Between you and I, mattresses are a breeding ground for diseases.  They are a home to mites, moulds, salt from dried out sweat, skin scales, spores of bacteria and viruses, dust particles, stains/spots (blood, urine, sperm, sweat, soups, coffee & other drinks/beverages and food particles). Children’s mattresses MUST be given special attention even more regularly.

Exaggerated hygiene is unnecessary, but nobody has to accept the lack of hygiene in public places like hotels, hospitals, school hostels, and our private homes, etc.

If you are guest in a hotel, please look out for the POTEMA® certificate, which is a guaranty of your healthy stay while you are there.  That way, you are sure of not sleeping in the vaporization and residues left behind by the previous guests. Can anything be more disgusting than that? No. So, stand up and be a part of this new hygiene revolution and see to it that mattress cleaning is a duty in every housing enterprise.

Living hygienically clean and healthy should be a part of our culture because it has only advantages.

The Problem

Bad hygiene has always been the cause of a solid breeding ground for infectious diseases which have become more and more resistant these days, and the most effective prevention according to experts is, first and foremost, complete hygiene measures.

We shower, brush our teeth, change our clothes, etc, but we sleep on mattresses that never undergo any form of cleaning. Without doubt, the mattress seems to be the most unhygienic object that our skin is in contact with for a third of our lives.  Bedsheets are not of any help against these, and conventional cleaning methods cannot eradicate these germs from the mattress.

Studies show that an average number of 1 billion germs are in 1 cm2 mattress surface. In comparison there are only 33,000 in a toilet and 70,000 on a frequently used door handle.

Imagine sleeping on a dirty mattress with invisible leftovers (moulds, dust, skin scales, dried out sweat salt, sperm, etc) from several different people. You breathe in these unhealthy pollutants, mostly invisible and odourless, you sleep/torture yourself in this unsuitable mattress all through the night. If this does not disturb you, why do you then wash your laundry?

There are mattresses that are in very good quality conditions, that give you maximum comfort while asleep, which also means that such mattresses are usually durable for up to a period of 10-20 years or more.  With such durability comes the ideal biotope for the propagation of dust mites in just one year.  At living temperatures of 20 – 28 degrees and a relative atmospheric humidity of 70 -80 %, the skin sheds scales are infected by bacteria which in this condition serve as food.

The increase in number is overwhelming, for instance up to 2500 mites were counted in a gram of dust, which corresponds to two millions in a double size mattress. This huge army of dust mites produces corresponding quantity of excrements.  According to scientists, with every movement on the mattress, these excrements are whirled up in the air together with dust. The particles then get into the mouth, nose, glue to the skin, which then trigger off allergies resulting in itchy and red eyes, runny nose, itchy skin, incessant sneezing leading to fever, asthma and several other bronchial diseases. We end up spending so much on medical bill to treat ourselves, leaving behind the root cause at home to reinforce. For people with existing allergies, asthmatic conditions and bronchial illnesses, this is a disaster because scientist have confirmed that dust mites and their excrements combined with guanine pose a huge health risk.


Spread in the form of fungus. They also cause skin diseases, particularly the obstinate fungal skin infection.


He, who wakes up with reddened and watering eyes, swollen eyelids, itching and running nose, cough, difficulty in breathing and rash, probably suffers from dust mite allergy caused by the allergen in the mites’ excrements.

Skin scales

Every day, we lose up to 1.5 g of skin sheds. A large portion of that remains in the mattress, gets rancid by bacteria attack and develops an unpleasant rancid smell…..the typical bedroom smell!


There are up to 200g of dust particles in one mattress. The dust particles are sized from 1/1000 to 1/10 mm. A mixture of organic and inorganic particles -skin scales, sweated out salts, mite excrements etc.

Spots on mattress

Spots on mattress are a good reason to think about mattress hygiene – blood, urine, dried sperm, sweat salt…..yawk!!!

If you try to clean yourself, it will end in a fiasco. Most times the mattress will be soaked; the humidity combines with the dirt inside the mattress to develop an unpleasant smell. The dehydration can last for days; musty smell, mould and extreme spot edges, without the spot being removed completely.  Such spots have one thing in common: they visibly discolour the textile.

This is where POTEMA®  Nigeria comes in.

It so worthwhile to perform mattress cleaning once a year in order to ensure continuous hygiene to prevent mites and bacteria propagation in mattresses.

The application of POTEMA® mattress clean spray is primarily imperative in public places like hotels, hospitals, school hostels and for the hygiene-conscious housewife.

The Solution

—Mattress cleaning

On the spot mobile antibacterial testing/cleaning kit for mattresses in public and private homes


On the spot mobile antibacterial testing/cleaning kit for mattresses in public and private homes

Because mattresses cannot be washed!!!

The POTEMA® mattress cleaning service begins by using a mobile bacteria allergen test laboratory called the ACAREX® test system which takes only 10mins to determine the level of allergen in a mattress.  This test-cleaning is done on a portion of the mattress in order to determine the pollution degree and allergy load.  The older the mattress, the more needful it is to clean it. However, new mattresses may also require cleaning due to dust mites from the retailers’ shelves. By the way, children’s mattresses should be given special attention more regularly.  The whole thought of this simply creates nothing but disgust and the tendency to itch.

The POTEMA® mattress cleaning process, which is entirely chemical-free (brilliant for your health), consists of a mechanical system that produces high frequency vibrations which dissolves the dust particles and forces them out of the mattress by an electronically controlled vacuum.  Also, the UVC-rays/radiation from the machine disinfects the mattress by killing all bacteria, viruses and spores that may be present in it.

The cleaning process is harmless to humans, materials and the environment in general, and is suitable for all types of mattresses. The vibration from the machine is equally noiseless and does not raise dust or dirt.

Usually, the mattress can remain in bed while the cleaning, which takes approximately 20minutes, is carried out. It is recommended that cleaning be done every 6 to 24 months so as to maintain a continuous level of cleanliness that will prevent the repopulation of these unwanted guests.

The POTEMA® Mattress Cleaning Procedure has proved itself worldwide and is executed by independent Special Service Companies.


—Mattress Cleaning Spray/application


POTEMA® Mattress Clean Spray is normally used after the mechanical cleaning is completed. It immediately works against smells and neutralizes the allergen containing excrements of the house dust mites. It should also be used regularly, approximately every fortnight when you change the beddings or as soon as guests leave.  After spraying the mattress, you have to wait for about 10 minutes before you proceed to use it. This spray freshens the mattress, does spots treatment, and disinfects at the same time.  The refreshing smell lingers over a long time period of time.

Note that bed covers are not a solution to this problem of dust mites. In fact, they only cover the problem, either because they are completely impermeable and do not allow ventilation in the mattress, or because micro particles and mites’ excrements can pass through them.  More so, there is no bed sheet that is completely impermeable to mites and allows evaporation at the same time.

After cleaning is completed, a control seal is placed on the hotel’s mattress which is a proof and guarantee to clients of a clean and hygienic mattress.


Directions for application:

Shake bottle well before use. Ventilate the room well during and after the application of the spray.  Because of the bottle’s automatic pressure control valve, there will be no damage due to high pressure inside the bottle.
Spray textile surfaces, e. g. the cover of a mattress, at a distance of 10-20 cm and spread evenly from one side to the other. Use sparingly! The spray quantity for 1 m² surface area is about 12 ml and equivalent to a spraying time of 4 to 6 seconds for a standard mattress (100 x 200 cm).

Caution. Easily inflammable .
Class 3, UN-Nummer 1219, UBA 3444 0001
Durability: At least 5 years


—Disinfectant Spray/application

Highly effective disinfectant, suitable for homes, hotels, hospitals, hostels, veterinaries and agricultural enterprises;

Neutralises smelly car interiors, shoes, carpets, sleeping places, clothes without any damage to items surfaces;

Leaves no smell behind

Acts against viruses, bacteria, fungi such as H5N1, SARS, HBV,
HIV, Herpes, Influenza

** Effect Report J.W. Goethe University, Clinic FFM.)

**Institute for med. Virology in the clinic of J.W Goethe-University Frankfurt, 2003.

**J. Steinmann, Bremen, 2003.

**R. Schubert, Institut for Hygiene and Environment, 2003.

Direction for application:

Turn spraying head safeguarding to ON and spray the object or area from a distance of approx. 10 cm.

Caution. Easily inflammable .
Class 3, UN-Nummer 1219, UBA 3444 0001
Durability: At least 5 years

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